Thursday, November 02, 2006

Windows in!

Looking from the front entrance through the dining area to the back deck.

The back deck as viewed from the water tank.

The windows arrived on monday and while we expected (unrealistically) to have both ground floor and upstairs framing done by then, the reality is that we have finished downstairs only. The upstairs framing is alot scarier for heightaphobics like myself but there is alot less to do upstairs so that should only take a week or so to frame up. The place is starting to feel like a real house now that the wrap is on and the windows are in. We can actually have a cup of tea without the whole street watching us so that's nice.
Our 'Shadowclad' cladding arrived yesterday and I can't wait to start putting it up. Real walls! Luxury!
I have started gardening as well. There are watermelons, rockmelons, cucumbers and passionfruit in now. Hopefully they will ramble over the dirt and create some greenery (and some food). I have sowed grass seed but it is very dry on the mountain (just like everywhere else) so nothing has sprouted yet.
Today I am revelling in a day away from the building site - I am soooooo tired but there is a sense of satisfaction that goes with it. Only five weeks to go before we move up there - will we make it? Stay tuned...

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