Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Getting on with upstairs framing

This is the back wall and this area will be divided into a bedroom and a study.
Vaulted ceilings will go almost to the apex.
Greg and his best friend - the framing gun.

This is the bit we have been dreading. The height to the apex upstairs is over 4 metres and we also have the roof angle (40 degrees) to work around. As it happened though, the back wall went in pretty smoothly. Watching Greg up on the ladder made me really nervous. And while he put on a brave face, he was pretty scared too.

Work stops for a few days now as we are moving up to the mountain this weekend. We have rented a house 2 doors down from the new house so we can be near our beloved building project and can keep an eye on it. This will save us 2 hours travelling time per day as well as give us the convenience of having a working kitchen and bathroom as we work. New estimated completion date? Probably February but who can tell???


Cath said...

It is really quite amazing to watch, through the blog, your home coming together so quickly(at least, it seems speedy to us - it probably doesn't to you!). All the best with the move - we'll have to come for a weekend drive sometime soon and check it out for ourselves!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic blog you have. We're planning to move to QLD in March next year and would like to build a house. Ezy homes are our most likely choice at the moment so seeing you building your house is fantastic.
We'd probably go with the build to lockup stage as DH will be working full time and we have 2 children under 2 so it'd prob take 5 yrs to build!!
I can't wait to see your progress.