Sunday, October 29, 2006

What I have learnt so far...

  1. Don't try and get too much done in a day. The first week we did 10-11 hour days and as a result we were exhausted, grumpy and we were starting to make mistakes. We have decided to stick to an 8 hour day and pack up before it starts to get dark. This has done wonders for our relationship (we've stopped hating each other now) and makes for a more pleasant working week.
  2. Patience, patience, patience. This lesson has to be relearned every day (several times a day actually). And it ties directly to lesson 1. Also, we have to be patient with each other which is very difficult some days.
  3. Girls can use power tools! Yes, it's true. I have learnt to use a drill, drop saw and a nail gun. In fact, when Greg was getting impatient with his crappy nailing technique on the deck, I decided to have a go and I was pretty darn good - the woman's touch cannot be underestimated boys!
  4. People are really generous. We have had so much help along the way. Our great new neighbours have lent us power, my parents have left their trailer and compressor in our care indefinitely and the lovely Vicki at the public pool across the road has let us use their showers and toilets for free. We have also had many other offers of help so thanks to everyone.

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Cath said...

He he! It is so much fun watching other people work hard! Seriously though, it is looking very good!