Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Framing progress

This photo was taken on Monday and shows some of our progress. The small decking area at the front leads to the front door. We have been getting accustomed to some new tools - notably nail guns. We have used a 'GMC' finishing gun on the decking and it seems to go through the decking and steel pretty well. The 'GMC' framing gun is also coping with the brittle cypress very well with much less splitting than if Greg was hammering by hand. These nail guns were at the cheap end but came with 2 year trade warranties so we decided to give them a go. The performance is really dictated by the power of the compressor. As the pressure runs down in the tank, the nailing power drops slightly but it comes right again when the compressor kicks in again.

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Meegan said...

Wow! Great job guys! I can't believe how quickly the structure has become a house :)