Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The real work begins

Greg finishes the shed - we'll move it to the back corner when we start landscaping.

Dad (left), me and Greg enjoys mum's excellent cooking and a nice cold drinkie.

The last week or so has gone by very quickly and we have made good progress. On our first weekend of 'work' we had lots of visitors. On saturday, city slicker friends Gary and Connie brought a beautiful bottle of NZ sauvignon blanc to share and we spent a couple of hours lounging about on our new floor having plenty of laughs and feeling (slightly) guilty for doing no work at all.
On Sunday my parents arrived with a fantastic picnic lunch and once again, work was put on hold - what a shame. We also had a visit from Renata and Andrew.
At least 20 different people have stopped to talk to us about our house in the last week - no exaggeration. On Wednesday we had 5 'pop ins'! Everyone is fascinated by the steel frame and the speed that the structure went up.
Number one question? 'How much is it costing you?' How rude!! And this from people who we have never met before and who have never bothered to introduce themselves.
Anyway... we started on our decking at the beginning of the week while we were waiting for our framing timber to be delivered but didn't get too far - there is quite alot to do - about 35 square metres. Still, the section we finished looks absolutely beautiful. Well done us!!
The timber arrived on Wednesday. We are framing with cypress - so combined with a steel subfloor and poles we will have a VERY termite resistant home without using any chemicals.
Later in the week we erected a shed in the backyard to give us some storage - not the easiest task despite the 'simple to erect' promise on the brochure. It took us all day saturday and a couple of hours on monday to finish.

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