Friday, October 13, 2006

Hair Raising Roof Raising

The amazing unfolding roof with help from a very tall crane.
Passers -by are all frowning and scratching their noggins at this stage - what on earth are these people building????
So there it is - our steel structure has a roof. Just a few things for the builders to finish today (ridge capping and verandah roof) and it's all up to us. Yikes!! After the roof raising, I supplied our builders the traditional 'roof shout' and everyone was happy - Yay! By the way, it pays to ask what they like to drink because none of the guys were beer drinkers... they preferred the hard stuff.
This could be the last post for a while - we are taking the tent and the barbie up to the block and staying for a few days. First job is to install all the decking - about 34 sq m and then the timber framing and bracing. So if anyone fancies a sticky beak we'll be there over the weekend. See ya!


Meegan said...

Oh, good luck with the decking Del! I really hope the weather is fine for you over the weekend.

Del said...

Thanks Meegan. Looks like it's going to be hot and dry so we should be ok!

renata said...

Hey Del! Renata here, your backdoor neighbour...what a fantastic website you have got going and I love the, that has been a great source of info. Probably see you again on the weekend!

Steve Rhodes said...

Hi Del, Steve from Centenary. Looks like things are progressing nicely. Great idea to blog this. Looking forward to seeing what happens next

Steve Rhodes said...
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