Saturday, November 05, 2011

Our house is finished (no really!)

After 5 years of hard work, our home is now finished. I'll tell you this, there's no better way to appreciate all the doodads that make up the average house than to have to add them yourself .......aaah door knobs you are so wonderful, oh carpet we love you so much, oh light fittings you are appreciated!

So take a look at the photos, and you'll see how far we have come.
Main bathroom
master bedroom
front driveway
Oh the joys of a front entrance without red mud!
Landscape with a chicken called Numpty

Could we be any more green? vegie patch and solar power 


Gary Hamer said...

So I'm thinking for your next project .......
OKAY, OKAY, calm down, I'm just kidding!

Unknown said...

wow! i can feel the family vibe by just looking at your home. I'm pretty sure, your family would always enjoy hanging out together at your deck during a sunny Sunday lunch get together!

Patrick Tan

Sand. said...

Having gone through the same experience of building our own home, ourselves, I have to agree whole heartedly that you appreciate something so much more when you've gone without and had to do it yourself. I LOVE handles on cupboards! And OMG, handrailings? Are awesome. Can't wait to not stare at backboard every time I shower ;) Well done folks!

Unknown said...

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Jason Cobb said...

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