Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Tick, VG" - we passed frame inspection!

Yay!! A sense of achievement - we passed the inspection!

The bath has arrived . I can't wait for a long hot soak - luxury!

The house is looking a bit funny - wait til it's painted though.

A glimpse of all the nasty upstairs framing that will soon be covered in plasterboard.

After a long, drawn out period of working hard but feeling like we were getting nowhere, we have finally moved to the next stage of building. Our building inspector arrived this morning to check the structural integrity of our house (frame inspection). Greg has been experiencing sleepless nights worrying over whether he has forgotten anything but it was all a big worry over nothing - we passed with flying colours - phew!!!- what a relief.

Things that the inspector checked: steel frame (including bolts and straps), subfloor, roof, timber framing, bracing sections (including tie down rods and bolts as well as plywood bracing). He also checked that no unauthorised changes had been made to the plan.

So what's next? Finishing the external cladding, install the front door and upstairs french doors, kidnapping the plumber and electrician and make them do their bit. Plasterboard, kitchen to go in. Etc, etc etc.... no rest for the wicked that's for sure!


meegan said...

Congratulations Guys!
No wonder there have been no updates of late - you've both been very very busy little bees :-)

Kate said...
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Kate said...

Hi Del, I am in the market for shopping for a quality + good value pole home. I notice you have used Ezy Homes. How did you find their quality and workmanship? Do they build the entire house for you including kitchen?

Was there anything to beware of? I appreciate your time.