Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our first harvest

While the house has been slowly coming together, I have been chucking a few seeds around to see how good our soil is. We are now harvesting lebanese cucumbers and have 6 nice fat sugarbaby watermelons nearly ready. The zucchini's are a bit slow and the rockmelons haven't set fruit yet. I have cast some budgie seed around the front yard (which is mainly millet) to try and get a cover crop going and it is sprouting well after the rain. I've put in a passionfruit to cover the wire fence and my lovely brother Tony gave me 5 fruit trees for christmas - 2 feijoas, 1 eureka lemon, 1 tahitian lime and a low-chill peach. There is still alot of soil to be moved around before the orchard can be planted but I can hardly wait!!!!

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