Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Water Tanks & Septic Tanks too, Oh My!!

It's time for my happy dance - tank you, tank you tank you!!

The crane lifting half the water tank into position.

A semi and trailer carried our tanks up the mountain. The water tank is in two pieces because it is so stupidly big! The tank on the right is our septic system.

Our beautiful block has a couple of disadvantages. There is no town water and no sewerage either. That's just par for the course up here but it means that building has a few extra complications (and a few hefty extra expenses).
Our water tank is 7000 gallons (over 31,000 litres) and is buried nearly 4 metres in the ground. Our septic system (or HSTP) is also buried in the ground with substantial trenches for the treated water. That's alot of soil to be moved people!!
In fact, the site works for the tank installation is so extreme that we had to have it happen before we started building. There just isn't the space otherwise.

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gaz said...

Is that a dancing tengallonhattus countrybumpkinus I spy? I believe it's a rare species David Attenborough discovered on Tamborine some years ago - he failed to get any footage because it escaped on a tractor.