Wednesday, October 11, 2006

About Ezy Homes

We have chosen a kit home from Ezy Homes.
They specialise in steel pole houses for sloping sites. Our design is based on their Islander design but we have made a few changes, notably added a back covered deck and kicked out the front on one side to add more living space.
Why did we choose Ezy Homes?
The designs really interested us. They are modern and clever but also have character - more of a beach house than a typical suburban house. We had just returned from a beach holiday in New Zealand and fell in love with modern beach houses known by kiwi's as a 'bach'.
We had looked at heaps of kit homes and were frustrated and disappointed that we couldn't find a design that was energy efficient, modern, not too big and had character. So we were very happy to find all those things when we stumbled upon the Ezy Homes website one sunday. Yaay!!

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Cath said...

I'm loving this blog already! Will be checking in regularly for updates. :-)

Del, not sure if you're getting my emails? I know hotmail sometimes sends legit emails straight to junk mail...